Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work from home or anywhere in the world and make a full time income?

It’s what many people call “the dream lifestyle” or “living the dream” but many people are doing it.

There are many different ways to actually develop an income online and this article will look at all the different ways that you can do that from blogging, YouTube, Amazon selling, consulting and even “coaching”.

Let’s take a look at the various options you have at your disposal.


With the rise of YouTube some say blogging is dead but it certainly is not. Blogging could be seen as the introverts way of getting their content and name out whilst YouTube is for the extrovert. Personally I think both methods can be a great way to grow a business online and create a personal brand too. Content helps build trust and in turn allows you to convert people into customers better.

The hardest thing when it comes to blogging is actually understanding how search engines like Google work. A few years back you had to also factor in Yahoo and Bing but to be honest nobody even cares about those when it comes to SEO now. We spoke with the founder of popular review blog in the internet marketing space www.nobsimreviews.com to learn more about blogging.

Mark the founder said, “a few years ago you could stick up a blog, build a few links to it and easily rank but times are changing, now it’s all about quality links, a diverse link profile and most importantly quality content. But how do you define quality content? For me it’s about giving the visitor what they want. Create your content with the visitor in mind and pay attention to metrics like bounce rate, time on site, as they are all important factors for success with blogging.”


YouTube is a fantastic way to get your face out there and the traffic quality on YouTube is exceptional. Whilst many people do use YouTube simply to waste time it’s important to remember that it’s the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. Yes it is a search engine, not just a place to watch funny cat videos!

There are many people who have used YouTube to build an incredible personal brand. Tai Lopez is a fine example of this, he used the leverage of YouTube to build a huge following and has not monetised his following to make millions. Tai was successful before this in his own right but now he’s an online celebrity thanks to the exposure.


Depending on your age you might not even know what Instagram is but let me tell you, it’s another amazing place for getting your products and services seen. Instagram is owned by Facebook as they bought them for around $1 billion back in 2012 I believe. Many people have grown incredible brands via Instagram and can literally make $1,000’s by sharing photos. Big brands will pay you to post photos if you have a lot of followers who actively engage on your profile.

Some people can use it to promote their own products and services too. One of my favourite channels to follow for pure inspiration is the Millionaire Mentor Instagram page. It offers a lot of daily motivation and the owner is very successful too.

On top of that it’s a great place for celebrities to share their personal brands with the world.


The final source of growing a big following is Snapchat and many people think that this is just for kids but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The simple fact is Snapchat is growing and has become a great place to actually follow celebrities, brands and even become a star in your own right. What people love about Snapchat is that it’s real and it’s unedited. You can follow your favourite celebrities and often get a real insight into their lives that other social media channels simply don’t show.

YouTube for example is a polished platform which means that content is edited before it goes live most of the time. But with Snapchat that doesn’t happen, it’s raw and that’s the reason people love it.